The Future of Automotive Security Technology Research Is Here

Craig Hurst

by Craig Hurst, Executive Director

Formerly known as the “Automotive Security Review Board,” FASTR (Future of Automotive Security Technology Research) was founded in 2016 by Aeris, Intel and Uber as a non-profit consortium. Today, we are growing with additional members from across the evolving automotive ecosystem, and we are poised to deliver the pre-competitive technological building blocks needed to accelerate the realization of the organically secure vehicle of tomorrow.

What we are undertaking together through FASTR is sorely needed.

We can all agree that the connected and autonomous car of the future promises revolutionary benefits: dramatic reduction in accidents, alleviation of city congestion, mobility for all, etc. But without a more concerted, coordinated effort in cybersecurity, we risk that breaches and awareness of potential security issues will inhibit the deployment of autonomous vehicles and delay realization of their considerable benefits. Most importantly, public safety could be jeopardized.

newbenz2FASTR is moving rapidly to bring together — for the first time — both auto-industry veterans and disruptors, both technology giants and startups, as well as academics and hackers alike, in a coordinated, inclusive effort to drive the agile, iterative research that the automotive ecosystem needs today. FASTR is focused on tackling future automotive cyber-physical security risks, exploring the cutting-edge architectures and greenfield approaches (as opposed to rigging temporary fixes for legacy solutions) and rolling out the theoretical and applied R&D that is most needed today. Through FASTR, members will be able to:

  • Access tangible reference architectures, proofs of concept, code samples and other tangible research deliverables, which can then be customized and used to drive requirements across the supply chain
  • Uncover business-critical security issues before they manifest and mitigate against risks and liabilities
  • Participate in and have access to unbiased applied and theoretical research and recommendations on ahead-of-the-curve technologies and solutions
  • Collaborate with new partners who traditionally have not been part of the automotive ecosystem
  • Participate in specialist workshops
  • Influence and learn about next-generation technologies
  • Access assistance with evolving regulations and standards compliance
  • Gain visibility among corporate and private automotive industry leaders
  • Receive and provide guidance on prioritizing investments in automotive security

And, along the way, FASTR will serve as a neutral source of proactive, credible, unbiased research and education, debunking irrational fears, rooting consumer understanding of tomorrow’s connected vehicles in science and facts and helping industry develop legitimate, pragmatic solutions for its stickiest problems. In these ways, FASTR will foster trust in connected and autonomous vehicles of the future and accelerate the safety and quality-of-life benefits that they offer.

There is a place for you in the FASTR community. Work is underway, and I’m very excited about the plans this year from our Technical Steering Committee — but your unique expertise, input and perspective are needed in this industry-wide effort.

Please join us, and welcome to FASTR.