FASTR is collaborating with industry experts on the creation of future architectures and greenfield approaches—not temporary fixes to legacy solutions—to ensure the safety and security of autonomous vehicles and connected cars moving forward. Check back often for new resources and research.

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  • Automotive Cybersecurity Literature Review - FASTR has released Automotive Cybersecurity Literature Review, an analysis of the state of academic research in the field. "The project identified the major kinds of research conducted in automotive cybersecurity, with the ultimate goal of indicating which technologies are underserved, what type of research is underrepresented, and where FASTR should focus its resources," reads the REVIEW RESOURCE


RECORDED WEBINAR | Building the Best In-Vehicle Cyber Defense

Building the Best In-Vehicle Cyber Defense: Network Design, Testing Labs, and Research Classification | Recorded Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | Hosted by Intel


  • Dan J. Klinedinst, Technical Steering Committee, FASTR
  • Christopher A. Lupini, Cybersecurity Chief Engineer, Delphi
  • Justin Montalbano, Cybersecurity Lab Technical Manager, Delphi
  • Craig Hurst, Director of Industry Alliances & Marketing, Intel Transportation Solutions Division



    VIDEO | Join FASTR – Future of Automotive Security Technology Research
    Learn why experts in the automotive, cybersecurity and mobility industries are joining FASTR to rearchitect the vehicle in such a way that cybersecurity is at its very foundation. The FASTR consortium is working to deliver actionable R&D needed now to drive innovation across the automotive security ecosystem.