Membership Benefits

FASTR provides a neutral, pre-competitive, open environment through which the expanding automotive ecosystem can proactively collaborate within a system-of-systems perspective. As a FASTR member, you can…

  • Access the tangible reference architectures, proofs of concept, code samples and other pre-competitive technological building blocks of holistic automotive security for the connected and autonomous vehicle of the future, which OEMs can customize and use to drive requirements across their supply chains
  • Uncover business-critical security issues before they manifest and mitigate against risks and liabilities
  • Participate in and have access to unbiased applied and theoretical research and recommendations on ahead-of-the-curve technologies and solutions
  • Collaborate with new partners who traditionally not been part of the automotive ecosystem
  • Participate in specialist workshops
  • Influence and learn about next-generation technologies
  • Access assistance with evolving regulations and standards compliance
  • Gain visibility among corporate and private automotive industry leaders
  • Receive and provide guidance on prioritizing investments in automotive security

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