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To become a member of the FASTR, please submit the completed membership application below. Once your application has been received, FASTR Administration will send you an invoice for your membership payment. Note membership benefits will not be conferred until your application and membership payment has been received.

To review our organization documents, such as the Bylaws, IPR Policy, and Participating Member Terms, please see here.

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1. Applicability. This Participating Member Agreement (the “Agreement”) applies to all parties who join FASTR Inc. (“FASTR”), whether as a Promoting Member, a Contributing Member, or any other membership class or sub-class identified by the FASTR Board of Directors (collectively “Participating Members” or just “Members”).

2. Membership rights and responsibilities. Each Member will have the rights and responsibilities associated with its membership level, as defined by the FASTR Board of Directors (the “Board”) and amended from time to time. A Member’s membership will be effective upon acceptance by the Board of the Member’s application to join.

3. Membership fees. Each Member agrees to pay to FASTR the membership fee associated with its membership level. Payment in full will be due upon joining. Each year thereafter, each Member will pay FASTR the annual membership fee applicable to the membership level of such Member, within thirty days of issuance of a timely invoice. Members bear all of their own costs associated with participation in FASTR.

4. Terminating membership. A Member can terminate its membership at any time, by so notifying FASTR in writing. FASTR can terminate the membership of a Member if the Member (a) fails to pay its membership fees when due, (b) fails to comply with reasonable Board-approved policies applicable to similarly situated members, (c) for other good cause, as determined in good faith by the Board. Licensing and confidentiality obligations incurred by the Member prior to termination will survive. All other obligations will terminate, and no new obligations will be incurred. Membership fees are non-refundable, except as otherwise agreed by the Board.

5. Applicable policies. All FASTR Members are subject to and agree to abide by policies adopted by the Board, including (a) an intellectual property rights policy, (b) a policy aimed at ensuring compliance with applicable antitrust/competition law, (c) a policy associated with use of FASTR trademarks, and (d) various operational policies. These policies may be amended by the Board from time to time. The policies and any changes or updates to the policies will be posted to FASTR website, and notice of any changed policies will be sent to each Member’s primary contact via email. Updated policies will be effective and applicable to all Members thirty days after posting.

6. Authority to enter agreement on behalf of Member and its affiliates. The individual who manifests assent to this Agreement represents and warrants that they are authorized to bind the corporation or other legal entity that they represent to the terms of this Agreement. Further, in the event that an FASTR policy extends to other legal entities under control of, in control of, or under common control with Member, such individual represents and warrants that they are authorized to bind such entity to these terms. Certain levels of FASTR membership may be open to individuals, and in such a case an individual may participate as an individual, but must use best efforts to not imply or otherwise communicate affiliation with a corporate entity or other organization.

7. Applicable law. This Agreement, and any dispute arising out of participation in FASTR, shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the substantive laws of the State of Delaware, USA. Venue for any such dispute will be exclusively either the state or federal courts located in Delaware or in the Northern District of California. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between FASTR and each Member with respect to its subject matter.

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