About Us

road-people-street-smartphoneThe connected and autonomous car of the future offers revolutionary benefits: dramatic reduction in accidents, alleviation of city congestion, mobility for all and more. Toward realization of those benefits, vehicles today are undergoing dramatic transformation of software content, connectivity, infotainment services and autonomy. The automobile of 2022 will be built around software, as opposed to today’s reality of software being built around the automobile. As a result, the automobile of 2022 will be characterized by a significantly expanded cyber-attack surface, rendering automotive security a rapidly intensifying area of industry focus.

While there will always be cybersecurity threats, tomorrow’s vehicles can be made systematically more agile to deal with those threats in a safe and predictable manner and, ultimately, to self-heal. But automotive security is not a problem to be solved by a single organization or in silos. The magnitude and scope of the emerging challenges demand industry-wide response. Today is our opportunity to re-architect the vehicle with cybersecurity as the foundation, and inclusive, multifaceted collaboration is crucial to doing so successfully.

FASTR—founded by Aeris, Intel and Uber in 2016 and formerly known as the “Automotive Security Review Board”—is a neutral nonprofit bringing into collaboration the full cast of contributors to the organically secure vehicle of the future:

  • OEMs
  • Sharing-economy Automotive Vendors
  • Automotive Supply Chain Providers (Tier 1s and Tier 2s)
  • Autonomous Vehicle Specialists
  • SoC Providers and Hardware and Software Suppliers
  • Specialist Automotive Security Companies
  • Academics, Researchers and Hackers

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