How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

There is a lot of discussion and debate on the internet about how to get a bigger penis. Some techniques are more natural than others, but all can be effective if followed correctly.

In this post, we will discuss the most popular methods for increasing penis size and how well they work. We will also provide some tips for choosing the right method for you.

So, if you are looking to make your penis bigger, read on!

I’m going to explain the best option that worked for me that put on 1.5 inches in size and I’ve kept it for 2 years now.

Before we begin though, I should note, this article is for informational purposes only.

Every person is different and should consult with their own physician and care before taking on any of the exercises.

Don’t even think about substituting some of the equipment for medical equipment and if you experience any pain or discomfort, be sure to seek a doctor.

These are to be used at your own risk because you can seriously get injured.

The Step by Step Guide to Getting a Bigger Dick

Inside, we’ll go over all of your options ranging from exercises to extenders, pills, creams, and pumps.

In the end, I’ll share what I think is your best option for getting a bigger dick and keeping it.

After all, the reason you’re looking at packing on extra size is to build high confidence, increase your performance, and change the way your better half perceives you and you certainly want to keep any gains you create.

1. Penis Enlargement Exercises

This is one of the most popular nonsurgical methods for penile lengthening, and there are a lot of different exercises you can do. They range from basic jelqing to more advanced techniques like the “hugging” exercise.

Stretching exercises consist of pulling on your penis with your hands to elongate it.

This is done by gripping the head of your penis and pulling it forward. You then hold the stretch for about 10 seconds before releasing.

You should do these exercises for about 5 minutes each day, and you will start to see results within a few weeks.

The good thing about these exercises is they allow you to do as many reps as you can, and you can also work out each time and as many times a day as you like.

The downside of these methods is that it takes dedication and patience, and results will not come quickly or easily.

2. Penis Enlargement Creams

There are a lot of penis enlargement creams on the market, and Penomet is one of the most popular. The cream uses water to apply pressure to your penis, which helps expand it over time.

This process does not take long, so you can do your exercises afterward or in between sessions with this product.

Many people use these creams in conjunction with other methods for better results.

3. Penis Enlargement Pills

This is another popular method for increasing penis size, and there are a lot of different pills on the market.

The most popular pill is Vimax, which has been around for many years. The great thing about pills is that you only have to take them once a day, and they work well with other methods.

The downside is that you may experience some side effects, so be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any pills.

4. Penis Enlargement Surgery

This is the most extreme method for increasing penis size, and it is also the most expensive.

The surgery is a length and girth enhancement procedure, which means that you will get a longer and thicker penis.

The surgery is designed to make your penis longer by cutting the ligament inside your pubic area, which causes your tissue to hang lower on your body. You can also get girth enhancements done at the same time.

The downside of this surgery is that it is very expensive and can cause you many unpleasant side effects.

This is not recommended by most professionals even if you have a tiny penis.

5.Penis Pump

This method is not very popular, but it can be effective if used correctly.

A pump works by creating a vacuum in the cylinder you place over your penis; this helps to increase blood flow and expand your tissue (much like an exercise). The increased size lasts until you release the vacuum.

The downside of these devices is that they are not very effective if used incorrectly, and buying the wrong one can cause serious damage to your penis.

6. Penis Extender (Favorite)

This is my favorite method and will allow you to keep the results.

This method uses a device to extend the length of your penis by adding or removing tension on your tissue over time. They work well with other methods because you can do exercises while wearing them.

The downside of these devices is that they can be uncomfortable to wear, and you may not see results for a while.

Pro Extender is the #1 Medical Grade Penis Device recommended by doctors for increasing size and length

7. Hanging weights from your penis

This technique is not popular, and it can be dangerous.

This involves hanging weights from your penis in order to stretch it out over time.

This can cause damage to your penis and should not be done.

8.Grooming for appearance

The easiest and most effective solution for increasing the appearance of the size of your penis is by simply cutting your pubic hair. Cutting pubs closer to the penis base should increase penis shaft size.

Naturally, there is always a need for caution here. Many “body cleaning” shavers are available online that contain protection and other attachments that can ensure better results and protect an extremely delicate place.

Which Method Is Right for Me?

So, which method is right for you? It depends on your goals and how much time and effort you are willing to put in.

If you are looking for a quick fix, penis enlargement pills or creams may be the best option for you. However, if you are willing to put in the work, penis enlargement exercises offer the best results. Whichever method you choose, be sure to stick with it for at least three months, and it is best to combine different methods for faster results.

Deeper look at Penis Extenders

An extender is an effective tool for naturally enlarging the size of your manhood. If you are tired of worrying that your penis is too small, or if you would like to increase the pleasure you receive during sexual intimacy, then an extender may be right for you.

The first step in using an extender is choosing which one fits your needs best. There are several types of extenders available for purchase online, so it’s important to know what will work best for your body before making a purchase.

What Are Extenders?

Extenders are devices that fit over the head of your erect or soft flaccid penis and use either special tension rods or adjustable mechanisms to extend the length of your penis over time while worn. They are typically used to treat the condition of Peyronie’s disease, which can cause painful erections or a curve in your manhood.

Extenders also help men who wish to increase their overall size by adding length and increasing girth without surgery. The stretching device works by applying tension to the soft tissue in your penis, forcing cells to divide and multiply.

Over time, this results in an increased size that goes away when you stop wearing the device because your body absorbs the extra tissue. The result is a bigger penis (both flaccid and erect) without any pain or scars.

What Are Some Key Benefits?

There are several benefits associated with using an extender on a regular basis:

– Increased Penis Size – As stated above, using a penis extender will cause your soft or erect penis to grow in length and girth over time.

– Increased Pleasure – A larger manhood is not only visually appealing, but it can also lead to increased pleasure for both partners during sexual intimacy.

– No Pain or Scarring – Unlike surgery, using an extender does not cause any pain or scarring. In fact, many users report little to no discomfort when using the device as directed.

– Affordable – Compared to a surgical procedure, using penile extenders is an extremely affordable option for those looking to increase the size of their manhood.

How Do I Use an Extender?

There is a bit of a learning curve when using an extender, but with a little practice it becomes quite easy. The following steps will help you get started:

– Make sure the device fits comfortably before use – this may take some trial and error

– Apply lubricant to the head of your penis and the inside of the device for smooth movement

– Place your penis in the device and adjust until it feels snug

– Gently pull on the tension rods or adjustment screws to apply tension – do not over tighten!

– Begin using the extender for 20 minutes per day and work up to 4 hours per day as desired

Quickly Will I See Results?

Most users report seeing results within the first three months of use; however, you will likely see the greatest gains in penis size during the first six months. It is important to note that using an extender does not produce overnight results – be patient and consistent with your use for best results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are very few side effects associated with using a penis extender, but some men may experience skin irritation or bruising around the penis. If this occurs, it is recommended to reduce the amount of time spent wearing the device until the skin heals. In extremely rare cases, some men may experience permanent nerve damage. If any of these symptoms occur, stop using the device and consult a physician immediately.

Penis Pumps

Another option for increasing penis length is to use a penis pump . The device, which should only be used for this purpose and should not be used as an extender or in conjunction with one, works by creating suction around your soft flaccid manhood. This causes the tissues to swell; however, because blood flow is increased during arousal (with or without a pump) size gains are typically temporary.

How Do I Use a Pump?

– Ensure the device fits comfortably over your penis before use – this may require some trial and error

– Apply lubricant to your penis and inside of the device

– Slowly slide into the tube while sitting down – it’s important that you do not rush this process if you want optimal results

– Pump the device to create suction – you should feel a tightness around your penis

– Hold the pump in place for 3-5 minutes and release

– Repeat as desired

How Much Time Should I Spend Pumping?

It is best to start with 5-10 minutes per day and work up to 20-30 minutes as desired. Like with any type of exercise, overuse can lead to negative results, so be sure to listen to your body and take breaks when needed.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most users do not experience any side effects; however, some men may experience bruising or skin irritation around the penis. If this occurs, discontinue use until the skin heals. In rare cases, some men may experience permanent nerve damage. If any of these symptoms occur, stop using the device and consult a physician immediately.

Male Enhancement Pills

You can also increase the size of your penis without having to use an extender or pump by taking male enhancement pills . These all natural supplements are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been shown to improve sexual health. The ingredients work together synergistically to help widen blood vessels in the penis, which not only helps penile tissue expand but also encourages proper blood flow – resulting in greater stamina and harder erections.

Does Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Male Enhancement Pills start working immediately once consumed. All it takes is two pills per day for best results. You should experience noticeable results within 1-4 weeks after beginning your regimen; however, many users see immediate gains following their initial daily dosage. Of course, everyone responds differently, so results in some men may come sooner than others.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Male Enhancement Pills are all natural and contain only ingredients that have been scientifically studied to improve sexual health.

The most common side effects include headache, heartburn, upset stomach, nausea, or increased bowel movements. If any of these symptoms occur, stop taking the pills immediately and consult a doctor if they continue. You should not experience any other side effects while using this product – but you should discontinue use if you do notice any negative reactions.  

Jelqing (also known as penis stretching)

The final method for increasing penis size is through a technique known as jelqing or penis stretching. This exercise, which can be done at home with just your hands, is designed to improve blood flow and encourage the growth of new cells in the penis – leading to increased length and girth.

How Do I Jelq?

– Apply lubricant to your penis and grip it at the base with your thumb and forefinger

– Use your other hand to pull the skin of your penis taut – this will help create tension in the tissue

– Gently milk your penis from the base to the head, moving in one direction only (up or down)

– Repeat for 15-20 minutes per day; you should not jelq for more than this amount as it can be damaging to the tissue

– Take a break every few minutes and stretch your penis in all directions to encourage growth

How Long Before I See Results?

Like the other methods, you should start seeing results within 1-4 weeks of beginning your jelqing routine; however, some men report seeing changes in as little as two days. Remember that everyone is different, so you may experience results sooner or later than others.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Just like with the other exercises, jelqing can cause bruising or skin irritation if done incorrectly. If this occurs, discontinue use until the heals. In rare cases, some men may experience permanent nerve damage. If any of these symptoms occur, stop using the device and consult a physician immediately.

Now it’s up to you

So, now you know all your options of how to make your penis larger.

You can choose one or a combination of the exercises and methods to help reach your desired size.

Remember, it is important to be patient and consistent in your efforts for the best results. As with anything, you will get out what you put in – so make sure to dedicate enough time.

As always, do not take this as medical advice for your specific situation. Always seek out advice from a doctor regarding your own health and circumstances. If you feel pain or discomfort do not continue conducting any of the exercises on this page.

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