Kali Muscle on Steroids? Bodybuilder Finally Comes Clean On Natty or Not Status After Almost Dying

Inside this post, we’ll be diving into the bodybuilding world to discuss the recent news from Kali Muscle finally coming clean about his past use of steroids.

You can watch the video here:

Who Is Kali Muscle?

Kali Muscle is a popular fitness Youtuber and influencer known for his amazingly yet freakish physic which prompted many to speculate about his use of testosterone and other steroids.

Born in Oakland, California as Chuck Kirkendall, he excelled in football and sports and had an amazing body even as a teenager.

After experiencing some trouble, Kali was sent to prison and once he got out decided to pursue a career in bodybuilding after seeing Jay Cutler and some of the top performer’s lavish lifestyle.

He’s previously appeared in commercials for Taco Bell, Snickers and Honda and won multiple bodybuilding competitions.

He’s one of a handful of bodybuilders that have propelled their career into more mainstream.

What Happened To Kali Muscle?

As Kali describes in the video, he suffered from a heart attack.

He had a 100% blockage from plaque buildup.

Fortunately, his girlfriend got him to the doctor after complaining of what he thought was heartburn.

After a string of deaths in the bodybuilding world, many are pointing to steroid abuse but as Kali points out in the video it was a string of events from years of unhealthy eating, steroid abuse, and ignoring doctor’s warnings about his cholesterol.

He specifically states – “I had warnings.”

But chose to ignore the warnings because we all often think – “this will never happen to me.”

Is Kali Muscle Natty or Not?

Since the heart attack, Kali now admits to what many speculated for years that he has indeed used anabolic steroids.

It’s pretty easy to spot given the fact he’s 46 years of age and looks more jacked than ever before.

It’s not feasible for aging men to pack on muscle like they did in the height of when they’re producing testosterone.

One of the things that appear to happen in the video, is Kali wants to make it right and educate others on his experience, dangers, warning signs, and how to bodybuild healthier.

Why Are Bodybuilders Claiming Natural When They’re Not?

Let’s think about why someone would not openly admit to steroid use.

For starters, in most countries, it’s illegal and can result in massive fines and even prison!

Secondly, this is many bodybuilders’ livelihoods that we’re talking about.

For the bodybuilders that had grown to fame in the 90’s and even 2000’s, it was something you kept quite and didn’t talk about.

Now, given the Youtube platform, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s becoming more acceptable to admit to steroid use and lay out exactly what one is taking.

However, it doesn’t make it legal or right.

Third and finally, most don’t want people to think they took a shortcut.

Since bodybuilders literally appear larger than life, they want the majority of people to believe they have this competitive advantage in terms of genetics, work ethic, and discipline.

On a final note, even though steroids are illegal, there are plenty of legal alternatives as well as testosterone boosters that will help you pack on size, get shredded, and look your very best.

See our Testosterone Boosters FAQ and guide for more information on how you can get big without using dangerous anabolic steroids.

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