Volume Pills Review – Does It Even Work? Insider’s Guide Featuring Ingredients and Pricing

There are tons of male enhancement pills in the market and each of them claims to deliver 100% results.

They claim to help men improve their sexual performance, increase their libido, make their erection hard and stronger. But how do we know which works best?

One of them is Volume Pills, which is made up of all-natural ingredients with no side effects. As Volume Pill is an all-natural male enhancement pill, this makes it more trustworthy. I have read all the reviews on the internet and was surprised to see that they all are positive.

People are buying this product as it is delivering what it claims and is backed by a guarantee. 

Even though I may have been skeptical, these semen enhancer pills work.

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What is Volume Pills?

With all supplements out there, Volume Pill is among the best male enhancement pills in the market. It is an all-natural dietary supplement that increases the production of semen.

In addition to that, Volume pills also boost blood flow which results in achieving and maintaining an erection.  It will also increase your sexual desire and helps in improving overall sexual performance. 

Volume Pills are Manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a popular pharmaceutical company. According to the company, volume pills can increase up to 500% ejaculate volume. It also claims that it makes your climax more intense and will have bigger and thicker erections.

Along with the strong erection with veins and large size, Volume Pills significantly improve the quality and quantity of sperm during ejaculation.

Can You Really Increase Sperm With Volume Pills?

Volume Pills has been in the market since 2003. This clearly means that people are buying this product. The reason it has become so popular is that it works quite well, it delivers the result as promised. 

According to various reviews, people have also said that having Volume Pills has increased the amount of sperm by 500%.

How Volume Pills Work

Volume Pills is made up of a combination of 100% natural ingredients, herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs. It improves the overall health of the male reproductive system

Taking daily help the semen increases its volume during erections and orgasms. 

Our Volume Pills Review

There are tons of positive reviews on Volume Pills from all around the world. Here are some of the testimonials from their website.

Michael Cheung writes:

“Gains and improvements have been “massive”! Each time I ejaculate it lasts for ages. My girlfriend couldn’t believe how long I can cum for. Consequently the volume of my sperm increased drastically. I was told that I “shot like an elephant” Plus, I am producing this load literally on a daily basis. Well worth the money, Great improvement to my sex life!”

Tim Tegge writes:

“I’ve used Volume Pills™ for a number of months now, and it seems to have improved the amount of ejaculation. My girl enjoys a hefty load, and I felt somewhat embarrassed that I could not deliver more. Your pills are helping indeed. Many Thanks!”

Emeks Nwosu, Massachusetts writes:

“After week one I saw no difference but on week two I got stronger, firmer erections. Normally it takes a while to have an erection but with Volume pills it comes quick and strong… VERY strong!”

Mike Schaefer writes:

“Since I’ve begun using your product my orgasms have been incredible! Never have I experienced such a rush of explosions when I climax. My wife has also experienced mulitple orgasms for the first time!”

Volume Pills Ingredients List

List of all ingredients present in Volume Pills:

  • Zinc or Zinc Gluconate
  • Indian gooseberry or Emblica Officinalis
  • Safflower or Hong Hua Fen
  • Tian Men Dong
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao
  • San Guo Mu or The Arjuna Bark
  • Ling Zhi or Reishi Mushroom
  • Rou Ghi
  • Xian Mao or Curculigo Rhizome
  • Fucus Vesiculosus or Bladderwrack
  • Ku Gua or Bitter Melon
  • 4′,5,7-trihydroxyflavone or Apigenin
  • Drilizen
  • Solidilin

1. Zinc or Zinc Gluconate

It is one of the most important minerals needed in your body and there it is listed at 24 mg per serving which is 160% of your daily needs of zinc.

Zinc boosts your testosterone, increases your sperm count, and helps in a better erection. It has a positive impact on libido as well as men’s erection. Moreover, it also increases the quality of sperm. 

Furthermore, zinc also helps in improving the immune system. According to the study it has been stated that by taking 30 mg of zinc per day, it increases the level of free testosterone. 

2. Indian gooseberry or Emblica Officinalis

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for decades, Emblica Officinalis is one of the most important ingredients in Volume Pills. It not only helps in detoxification but also encourages the growth and development of healthy sperms. Moreover, it also improves overall health and improves your body function.

3. Safflower or Hong Hua Fen

Popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine, Safflower is an herb that is extracted from a plant. It is used to enhance male sexual desires and function. It also improves the motility, quality, and quantity of sperms.

There are a number of male enhancement supplements that use Safflower. 

4. Tian Men Dong

Tian Men Dong is extracted from the wild asparagus root. It boosts blood circulation and promotes better erection. 

5. Dong Chong Xia Cao

Popular in India and China, Dong Ching Xia Cao treats low libido. It boosts sexual ability and promotes fertility for ages in these countries. In addition to that, it also helps in blood circulation and strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

6. San Guo Mu or The Arjuna Bark

One of the most powerful herbs that have been used in India for centuries. It is traditionally used for hypertension. This powerful herb treats cardiovascular issues including high blood pressure chest pains, high cholesterol, etc. It also helps in stronger and longer erections. 

7. Ling Zhi or Reishi Mushroom

Ling Z   hi is extracted from the Chinese mushroom that has been used for “spiritual potency” and as an “essence of immorality” for thousands of years. According to scientific studies, it is found that this extract is filled with polysaccharides which boost the immune system and anti-aging properties.

In addition to that, it also contains triterpenes that help in relieving allergic symptoms and prevents hypertension. Furthermore, it also contains beta-glucans that can prevent the growth of tumors. It has also been studied that Ling Zhi can boost semen production and can give larger ejaculation. 

8. Rou Ghi

Rou Ghi is a tree bark that originates from the Cinnamon tree. It is an excellent oxidant and improves blood flow. It used to treat impotence

9. Xian Mao or Curculigo Rhizome

Also known as Curculigo Rhizome, Xian Mao is yet another herb that has been traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine as well as in Chinese medicine. It helps in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation. 

In addition to that, it also boosts testosterone and increases semen production.

10. Fucus Vesiculosus or Bladderwrack

Because of its high iodine content, bladderwrack is an essential ingredient in Volume pills. It boosts metabolism, reduces your weight, and thus increases your testosterone.

11. Ku Gua or Bitter Melon

It contains plenty of vitamin C, Ku Gua reduces fat, and boosts testosterone. The higher the testosterone levels, the higher the libido in men. 

12. 4′,5,7-trihydroxyflavone or Apigenin

It is a powerful plant component that not only boosts testosterone production but also has anti-cancer properties.

13. Drilizen

Drilizen increases the release of nitric oxide level  which in turn helps to increase blood flow. Because of the blood flow to the penis, it leads to erection stronger and larger.

Because of the presence of Tribulus Terrestris, it helps to improve libido and increase muscle mass. 

14. Solidilin

Solidilin contains L-Dopa which provokes the body to produce dopamine. Dopamine is associated with sexual enjoyment.

Does Volume Pills Have Any Known Side Effects?

Volume pills are a natural blend of high-quality herbs and extracts. We have also seen that these herbs and extracts have been used for decades in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. They are safe to use and very effective. Moreover, this product is also certified by the FDA. 

According to the reviews on the internet, no side-effect has been reported yet. 

Volume Pills Price – How much does it really cost?

The cost of a one-month package of Volume pills is $65.

However, if you opt for either a 3-month supply or a 6-month supply, you can save a lot of money. 

  • 2 Month Supply- $110.95 (save $48.95)
  • 3 Month Supply- $160.95 (save $78.90)
  • 12 Month Supply (Best Value) – $348.95 (save $610.45)

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